Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Good On You ISP For Fixing Your Problem

Turns out that in some cases, the ISP will actually fix their issue.  Which I like and so does the customer.  After pointing out that the ISP did have issues, and providing proof of such, now it looks good.  Good on you ISP for fixing this issue.  Below is the proof that they did fix it.


  1. I agree...the ISP did step up and fix the issue, good for them. But the amount of time we have to spend to prove it's their issue just boggles my mind. But on the flip side, I guess there are tons of people that open up trouble tickets with ISP's without first doing their own due diligence. I've noticed that with some of the better carriers, once they realize that you really do know what you are doing, they treat you better and work a bit harder to get the issue resolved. A network engineer that is competent tends to bring out competency in others.


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