Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Ping Plotter: Make Sure You Know Where The Delay Is

Make sure when you are monitoring a remote site, that the latency/drops are not on your side of the Internet.  Below is an example.  You can see with the RED pointers, that both destinations had a high response time .  In BLUE, there is only one with a higher response time.  The ones in red were probably my own Internet delay, not theirs.


  1. Ok...that's a cool network tool, one that I've not seen before. I'm downloading the trial version today. Thanks!

    1. Yeah, it appears really to be a simple ping tool at first glance. But if you know networking (which I know you do Brad), then you can really utilize that tool to help you with determining faults in networks. I mainly use it to determine if an ISP is having issues or for voice MOS scores and where qos issues are.


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