Thursday, April 2, 2015

Cisco Voice: CallerID - Who Is Not Getting It Right?

CallerID is an important feature to some customers, and when its not reported correctly to the "called party", then it can be a big deal.  For example, most companies want the callerID to be the main line DID of the company, so that when you call back, you dont get the direct DID of the called party.  You get the operator, or auto attendant, or something else besides the actual person who called you.  So when the callerID doesnt report correctly to the called party, who is to blame?  Well, that depends on who is controlling callerID.
Below, you can see that I want the calling persons callerID to be 2052505555.  I have that set on the Cisco CME, and every call going out should report that.  I know this, because I configured it do this.  Here is the proof that Im sending it out that way:

038167: Feb  2 09:08:37.631: ISDN Se0/3/0:23 Q931: TX -> SETUP pd = 8  callref
        Bearer Capability i = 0x8090A2
                Standard = CCITT
                Transfer Capability = Speech
                Transfer Mode = Circuit
                Transfer Rate = 64 kbit/s
        Channel ID i = 0xA98396
                Exclusive, Channel 22
        Progress Ind i = 0x8183 - Origination address is non-ISDN
        Calling Party Number i = 0x2180, '2052505555'
                Plan:ISDN, Type:National
        Called Party Number i = 0x80, '12054444444'
                Plan:Unknown, Type:Unknown

Here is my config on the CME:
voice translation-rule 10
 rule 1 /..../ /2052505555/

voice translation-profile set-cli
 translate calling 10

dial-peer voice 3 pots
 translation-profile outgoing set-cli
 destination-pattern 9[2-9]......
 port 0/3/0:23

So, below is the callerID shown on my cell phone:

Hmmm.  Its something else besides what I told it to be.  Its time to call the carrier.  They are controlling it.

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