Thursday, April 23, 2015

Company Culture: Part 1

Part 1 ~ of what I hope to do a series on company culture over time.
What is it like at the company you work for?  I mean, what is the company culture like?  I have been giving this a lot of thought over the past few months.  I look back at several jobs I have had and compare them and I think some places were certainly better than others.  What makes some companies better to work at than others?
To me, this gets interesting.  Maybe this is different for everyone, but I think the leadership of the company makes to company culture good or bad.  As I talk to people, here are some of the examples that I hear that make a bad company culture. (I'm sure there are way more):

Lack of concern for the growth and investment of employees.
Management will lie to employees.
Lack of work related communication from management.
Lack of social interaction (at the workplace) with employees from management.
Lack of respect from management.
Lack of praise and encouragement from management.
Employee frustration is high.

It may be easy to see, from these examples, that a company's culture is bad.  The thing is, you wont be able to see these signs until after you have taken the position.  I think what will end up happening is that you will stay there for a short amount of time, the move on.  I typically see an average of about a year and a half when someone really gets fed up with this.

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  1. Great posting Shane! What makes this interesting for those of us in the IT industry is that (for the most part) we have options of where we want to work. If you have good solid experience in most any area of IT, then you can usually find another job within several weeks or months of looking. So you would think that upper management would want to provide a welcoming and positive culture to retain employees, and not get stuck on the hiring merry-go-round.


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