Wednesday, April 29, 2015


I don't advertise for companies unless I actually use the tools/products I'm talking about. This is just a cool tool I like that I do use.  It doesn't troubleshoot anything for you.  But it sure is convenient if you change IPs a lot.  There are several customers I have where I'm given a static IP to use.  That IP may have special  privileges, etc, because I'm part of the IT department.  This tool, called NetSetMan, is a tool I use to quickly move to the IP address I need, instead of going into Microsoft TCP/IP properties and manually adjusting it myself.  Once I set it up (one time), then I'm seconds away from getting the IP I need.  I highly recommend you check this out.  I use it regularly and it saves me time.


  1. Very thing us geeks love is tools that makes our job easier! Thanks Shane!

  2. Hi Shane,

    i personally use the netsh command to change my ip address.
    1 - Rename the wired netword card to 802.3 and wireless card to 802.11
    2 - Press the windows button on the keyboard, write cmd press and hold Ctrl + Shift and press Enter (this will open the dos command as admin)

    3 - In CMD :

    Assign static IP to 802.3 network card

    netsh interface ip set address 802.3 static
    netsh interface ip set dns 802.3 static

    Assign dynamically

    netsh interface ip set address 802.3 dhcp
    netsh interface ip set dns 802.3 dhcp

    To configure 802.11 network card just change 802.3 to 802.11.

    I use these command all days :) Very usefull when you work on different subnet.


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