Friday, May 29, 2015

SonicWall: Content Filtering

Im on the fence still about SonicWall for SOHO.  There is no way I would choose it over Check Point or Palo Alto, but for small offices, I guess I'm not opposed.  It does do content filtering, which is good.  I know most firewalls do, and they should at this point in the game.  I have to say I have had good luck with the content filtering portion of the SonicWall.  I guess I'm not sad with it.  But again, for true enterprise level businesses, this is not what I would choose.


  1. I'm on the same page as you Shane...however, I do use SonicWall for my church. And I have to say it is doing a good job. For the price, I could not beat it, plus I get content filtering and several other key features. I checked Cisco, Checkpoint and Palo Alto, but they were just too much money (except for Palo Alto, which I could never get a call back from them...guess they just want to play with the big boys).

    1. Yeah Brad, you are right. I know churches are rarely going to spend the dollars like an enterprise will. But Im sure the data at the church is going to be different than say a school or enterprise business. You know, things like credit card numbers, kids social security numbers, etc. Im sure the SonicWall is just fine for the church.


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