Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Why Do You Not Have Capsa Yet???

I have said many times in the past.  Capsa is literally my best friend as a network troubleshooter.  You can interview people all you want to figure out what the problem is, but Capsa saves me so much time in troubleshooting, that all I really need from a customer is what a "general" description of what the problem is.
If you are a network consultant and do not have Capsa, do yourself a favor.  Save yourself time and money by getting this in your toolkit.  Its built specifically for network engineers and troubleshooting purposes.  Even if you just do network assessments, this will help you and your customers KNOW what is going on, on the network.
In my experience, I can tell you it has saved me time and money in troubleshooting networks.  Not only that, but it has also given much needed information to my customers, even when I was not troubleshooting anything.  I do network assessments regularly when time permits.  I want to make sure my customers know what is going on, on their network.  Capsa is one way I do this.
Why do I tell you about Capsa so much?  Because I want you to have the ability to be a great network engineer.

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  1. Preach it brother!!! (If you listen carefully Shane, you may hear my applause all the way from California!!) Shane is absolutely right!! Without a network analyzer, you are not really a network engineer....plain and simple.


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