Monday, June 29, 2015

Cisco Nexus: Route-Map Configuration On A 7K

Well, Im not sure this is really worth posting about.  But I have had to do several route-maps lately on a Cisco Nexus 7K.  Its really the same (except for the ACL) as a Catalyst switch.  Nothing really different, but below is an example config that might help you out.

ip access-list  107
 deny   ip
 deny   ip
 deny   ip
 deny   ip
 permit tcp any
 permit ip any
 deny   ip any any

route-map Public_WIFI permit 10
 match ip address 107
 set ip next-hop

interface ethernet 7/15
 ip policy route-map Public_WIFI


  1. Hi, is route-maps and policy-based-routing (PBR) the same thing? Or is there a difference? Just wondering if I've missed something or not. Thanks...

    1. Hey Brad. PBR is the general term used for manipulating traffic, but route maps are the "means" of manipulating the traffic. Route maps use ACLs and you apply them to an interface. Kind of like painting a house. You tell people you got your house painted, but you used a paint brush and paint to do it. Same with PBR. You did PBR, but you used route maps and ACLs to accomplish it.

  2. Thanks Shane! Good clarification!!


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