Tuesday, July 21, 2015

ACME Packet SBC Firmware Upgrade ~~ By Mike Parks

Mike Parks was generous enough to share his experience in upgrading ACME SBCs and post on the blog about it.  Thank you Mike for participating in the blog.  ~~ Shane Killen

If you want to upgrade your Acme Packet SBC (Oracle Net-Net SBC), hopefully my notes will make the proses smother. If you have an Oracle account, you can obtain the upgrade software here https://edelivery.oracle.com/ if not, you will need to sign up, and have yourself associated with your company. The best one stop shop for SBC documentation is here http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/indexes/documentation/oracle-comms-acme-packet-2046907.html and finally, for the Oracle SCX upgrade, look up sbc_scx640_troubleshooting.pdf  The following example was performed on a standalone Acme Packet 3820 SBC.
Preliminary work, back it up!
*acmesbc# show  ver
*acmesbc# verify-config   (Resolve config errors prior to upgrading)
*acmesbc# check-space-remaining code   (Check for at least 8 meg of space)      
*acmesbc# show version boot   (Validate bootloader dated June 21, 2011 or later)
*acmesbc# backup-config (Enter NEW backup name, ex. Backup-config New_Backup)
*acmesbc# display-backups  (New backup will display, if you need to restore your config later type: restore-backup-config FILENAME)

After you download the new software to your PC, you need to FTP the software to the SBC (Filezilla works great). In the Host field, enter the SBC host IP. Unless you changed the login, the default login is, Username: user  /  Password: acme

FTP your file into /code/images directory, it should look like this after loaded /code/images/nnSCX640m6p1.xz
Next, you need to make the file part of your bootupconfig in your SBC.

*acmesbc# configure terminal
*acmesbc# bootparam   (Hit enter until you see file name, type your new filename to the right of your old filename.
file name : /code/images/nnSCX630.gz /code/images/nnSCX640m6p1.xz  (example)

Enter through the reaming commands, and reboot. After the reboot, log back in, and you should see your new firmware.

ACME Net-Net 3820 Firmware SCX6.4.0 MR-6 Patch 1 (Build 547)
Build Date=05/21/15/code/images/nnSCX640m6p1.xz

That’s it, you just completed the upgrade! 


  1. Nice write up Mike...thanks! I have to admit that I was not really sure what an ACME Packet SBC was. (I was half expecting an appearance by Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner!) But thanks to Google, I now know what the ACME Packet line of equipment does (VoIP, SIP, etc).

    1. Thanks, Brad! Yea, you expect an anvil to fall on your head with a name like Acme. On a real note, the SBC is a BOSS! It controls how SIP traffic routes, and can get complex to say the least.
      Mike Parks

    2. HiJust an FYI - the first time I upgraded my 3820, I found out the hard way that when I transferred the file using FTP that I had to use binary mode. the file transferred and looked correct but the SBC would not boot. I used the bin command in ftp and re-transferred the file and it booted fine.

  2. Someone know how reset or recover the password for an net-net 4500.

    I try to boot different diagnostics images, but in the middle of the process it fail.

    I try to login using the factory password but not work.

    So i try to use nnCX_diags112.gz, 116,121 and others and the same thing happen.

    it says cannot find sysmand in symbol table. AcmeSysStartup aborted.

    the only thing i can do is change files using ftp.


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