Monday, July 27, 2015

Check Point/Palo Alto/SonicWall: GeoLocation Is A Really Cool Thing

I always like the geolocation feature in a firewall.  Check Point and Palo Alto do this well for both inbound and outbound (separately).  SonicWall is either on or off, meaning I either have to enable it for a country for both inbound and outbound, or I disable it for that country.  I'd like to see inbound/outbound for SonicWall like I do with Check Point and Palo Alto.  Either way, these countries are the ones I block most frequently for customers when I can.  Below is the abbreviations on a Palo unit:
MX  Mexico
BR  Brazil
CF  Central African Republic
CN  China
DE  Germany
EU  European Union
RU  Russian Federation
SE  Sweden
ZA  South Africa
HU  Hungary
IT  Italy
IN  India
RO  Romania
BR  Brazil
TW  Taiwan
TR  Turkey

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