Monday, July 6, 2015

Cisco CUCM: Security Password Reset

I have, very rarely, had to change the security password on a CUCM before.  This is not an account in particular, but in this case, it was for restoring from a backup.  For whatever reason, the backup password was not working.  So, I needed to reset this to try to match what we thought it was.  Here is the process I went through on the Publisher to get this reset:

admin:set password user security
Please enter the old password: **********
   Please enter the new password: *********
Reenter new password to confirm: *********
The Disaster Recovery System is dependent on this security password you are attempting to change.
If you need to use any of the older backup archive to restore this system, you need to remember the
older security  password. To avoid this scenario, we recommend you to conduct a DRS Backup of your
system/cluster immediately after this password change.
Please make sure that the security password on the publisher is changed first.
The security password needs to be the same on all cluster nodes,
or the publisher and subscriber(s) will not communicate.
After changing the security password on a cluster node, please restart that node.

Continue (y/n)?y

Please wait...

Password updated successfully.

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