Friday, July 3, 2015

Patch Cable Condition

Its always a good idea to check the condition of the cabling that you are using.  I can tell you from  first hand experience, that having a patch cable in poor condition will slow your connection speeds down.  I initially had this long patch cable that had some places that made me a little concerned.  It would connect me just fine, but when I ran a speed test from my cable provider, all I got was 9 Meg or so down.  I went down and re-crimped the cabling and now I get 84 Meg down.  Interesting.
You might as well forget that convenient wireless.  Its half the wired speed.

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  1. I use to crimp patch cables.Not any more. I have done Telecom for the past 25 years and I thought crimping cables cables was fine. We had one telecom tech crimp patch cables for an AT&T Merlin phone system. We had problem after problem. We finally had to change the cable out to a factory made cable assembly. (We lost money on that job.)

    I am now into IT for the past 5 years and I wont crimp a patch cable unless it is an emergency situation. I had to go trouble shoot a weird "slow internet" problem for a customer. Our techs brought in the PC to our shop 4 or 5 times. We could never reproduce the problem. They sent me out to the customer. I found out the customer had a cable pulling company to rewire their office. I looked at the patch cables and notice a crimped patch cable feeding a VoIP phone and from the phone to the PC was a factory patch cable. I tested the patch cable to the phone that was crimped and it showed good with a simple 4 LED tester. I changed it out with a factory made Cat5e cable and the "slow internet" problem was gone. The customer was happy!

    I brought the old patch cable into the office. We have a Fluke DSX-5000 tester. I tested it. It had continuity on all 4 pairs but failed. We have now made it a policy in our company not to crimp cables anymore.


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