Thursday, August 13, 2015

Company Culture: HEATKTE - Part 5

As a teenager, one of the teenager jobs I had was at Sam's Club.  It was a pretty good job for a teen.
One of the things that I learned there was this acronym: HEATKTE  
It stood for High Expectations Are The Key To Everything!  I worked as a "buggy boy" in the beginning, and then moved to a cashier.  In those positions, I learned the value of good customer service.  Treating people like they were real people, and treating them like you wanted to be treated.  That meant helping people.  That meant talking to people.  That meant making people feel welcome to Sam's Club, and you are glad they are there.
Now enter back to the year 2015.  It appears to me that the mentality I'm speaking of above is gone forever when my own generation dies out.  High Expectations of giving of yourself  now seems to be more like High Expectations of how little can I do and still get paid.  We used to walk by people and speak to them, at least saying hello.  Now, people are just on their phone as they walk by you, texting, without ever looking at you as they pass by.  You might be there to them, but they don't care.  Its just what I notice in people these days.
I'm asking you to consider HEATKTE.  I've never forgotten that lesson that company taught me.  It was a life lesson, in a sense, to be the best you can be.  For you.  For them.  For everyone.  A better you is better for everyone.  Raise the expectations of yourself.  You just might be surprised at what you see.

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  1. I may be on the other side of the country, but I'm standing up and applauding...excellent post!! And I totally agree. I've noticed over the years that a lot of people seem to be of the mindset to work as little as possible, yet still get paid. But to be fair, I have also noticed a lot of companies that have the view of getting the most out of an employee for as little pay/benefits as possible. Somehow the strong work ethic of employees and the caring/supportive environment of employers, has largely given way to a "me first" attitude on both sides. And the result of this has been the large exodus of good paying jobs to other parts of the world. All of us (employees and management/owners) need to understand that we are in the same boat, and need to work together.

    Thanks Shane!!


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