Thursday, September 3, 2015

Check Point: Upgrade From R77.10 To R77.30

I was having some clustering issues at a customer site between two 4200s.  They were running R77.10, so I decided to upgrade them to R77.30 to see if it would resolve the issues.  I couldn't see anything obvious wrong in the config, so I thought this was a good route to go.  Thankfully, the upgrade to R77.30 appears to have worked in this case.  Im glad for that.
So here is what I did.
Do a migrate export with the R77.10 migrate tools.
Do a migrate export with the R77.30 migrate tools (downloaded and installed them on the managmeent server).
Exported these off the management server to my laptop.
Upgraded management server in CLI to R77.30.
Upgraded the two enforcement modules to R77.30.
Upgrades were successful and it appears to have resolved the cluster issues we faced.

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