Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Cisco Pix 501: Password Recovery Procedure

Can you believe that I had to do this???  I was asked to put in a Cisco Pix 501 for an internet connection.  Yes, a Pix.  Oh well.  I didnt know the password, so I had to do a recovery.  I downloaded a file from Cisco (or somewhere) and went through the process below.  Have a TFTP server ready.

Embedded BIOS Version 4.3.200 07/31/01 15:58:22.08
Compiled by morlee

PCI Device Table.
Bus Dev Func VendID DevID Class              Irq
 00  00  00   1022   3000  Host Bridge
 00  11  00   8086   1209  Ethernet           9
 00  12  00   8086   1209  Ethernet           10

Cisco Secure PIX Firewall BIOS (4.2) #6: Mon Aug 27 15:09:54 PDT 2001
Platform PIX-501
Flash=E28F640J3 @ 0x3000000

Use BREAK or ESC to interrupt flash boot.
Use SPACE to begin flash boot immediately.
Flash boot interrupted.
0: i8255X @ PCI(bus:0 dev:17 irq:9 )
1: i8255X @ PCI(bus:0 dev:18 irq:10)

Using 1: i82557 @ PCI(bus:0 dev:18 irq:10), MAC: 0013.c340.f24f
Use ? for help.
monitor> address
monitor> server
monitor> file np63.bin
file np63.bin
monitor> tftp
tftp np63.bin@
Received 92160 bytes

Cisco Secure PIX Firewall password tool (3.0) #0: Thu Jul 17 08:01:09 PDT 2003
Flash=E28F640J3 @ 0x3000000
BIOS Flash=E28F640J3 @ 0xD8000

Do you wish to erase the passwords? [yn] y
The following lines will be removed from the configuration:
        enable password Zo5xMCqMemyT4GaK encrypted
        passwd Zo5xMCqMemyT4GaK encrypted

Do you want to remove the commands listed above from the configuration? [yn] y
Passwords and aaa commands have been erased.



  1. Wow...a PIX 501...those things just refuse to die. Of course, I still have one PIX running in my companies network. It's not Internet facing...just an internal firewall protecting our network from some vendor equipment that I don't trust.

  2. Second that wow! I was trying to access the ASDM of the Pix a few year ago and had to install some of the earliest versions of Java and Firefox that I could find :-P (Ernst)


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