Friday, September 4, 2015

The Confident Incompetent Engineer

I had a ShoreTel TAC call for a customer a few days back.  In this case though, I had to go through this particular services provider first, before I could get to ShoreTel support.  I don't own that contract, so I didn't have a choice in this matter.
Anyway, Ill make this long story short.  I had two tech guys on the phone.  A level 1 and a level 3 guy.  The level 1 guy just kindof sat there while the level 3 guy took control.  As an IT services guy, this guy seem confident to me.  Until, he started talking about how the ShoreTel setup was configured.  Now I did this install the way ShoreTel wants you to.  This system has been up and running for quite a long time, a couple of years now.  This guy tells me, ultimately, we have to reinstall the system because of the way it was installed.  Well, that did not sit well with me and I refused to do it.  But it was their reaction that really got to me.  They then told me that there was nothing they could do about the issue at hand if I didnt want to reinstall.
Now this guys sounded very confident to me.  I like that in a tech guy.  However, he was not likable at all and very arrogant.  He didn't mind trying to talk over me and he certainly wouldn't listen to what I  had to say about the matter.  Guys like this really have no place in customer service, if you ask me.
By the way, there was a registry entry that had to be edited to resolve the problem.  This is where I would think to myself that the engineer I spoke with, the level 3 one, was a very confident incompetent engineer.


  1. I've seen this kind of arrogance too, mainly in the younger generation. What happened to being humble? Nothing impresses me more than a person that knows what they are talking about, but is humble at the same time.

    1. Very true Brad. What was even funnier that I didn't mention was that he told me that shoretel was wrong and he was right. There just aren't the words to describe him.


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