Thursday, October 1, 2015

Cisco Switch: Fiber Transceiver Signal

This is a good command for determining if your signal in your fiber is good or not.  There are limits to everything, and fiber signal is no different.  There is a command "show interface gig 1/1 trans detail" that I use to help determine this.  Plug in what interface you want to monitor to check this.
Notice below, my actual reading is on the left.  -24.9dBm.  The range for warnings are between 0 and -23, so Im obviously out of the range of the warning level.  But, Im still above the low reading of -26.0dBm.


  1. I guess, the command it

    show interfaces transceiver

  2. ignore me

    the command is "show interface gig 1/1 trans detail" which you have already mentioned on the notes, but i was looking at the picture.



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