Thursday, November 5, 2015

Brocade Switch: I've Got This One Thing In Particular That I Don't Like

Don't think by the title that I've lost that lovin' feeling about Brocade.  I haven't.  But, if the truth were told, there is always something that you would change.  I mean, I just ripped Palo for the ACC thing in a recent post, but I love the Palo product.  Check Point is an awesome firewall also, but doing complex troubleshooting is a nightmare.  I could complain about Cisco in how on these 2960-XRs that I'm having to deal with, you have to manually copy the firmware to each switch in a stack.  My point is that you can pick something out of every vendor and rip it one.
So I always say good things about Brocade.  But, I have one thing that I don't love about config in the CLI.  When you have a layer 3 vlan (meaning a vlan and a ve interface with an IP in the config (or a routed vlan)), I dont like that when you take all ports out of a vlan, it automatically takes off the "router-interface ve X" command off the vlan.  Not only that, but if you had an IP address on the VE interface, it takes that off too.  And vice versa, that it wont let you configure a "router-interface ve X" command UNTIL you put a port in the vlan.  It just seems like you should have more control than that over your configuration.

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