Friday, November 20, 2015

Brocade Switch: Three Commands To Find A Device In CLI

I had a post a few days ago (here) about finding a device and where its plugged into the network at on a Cisco switch.  Brocade is no different, except one keyword.  I have it highlighted in RED below.

Sending 1, 16-byte ICMP Echo to, timeout 5000 msec, TTL 64
Type Control-c to abort
Reply from      : bytes=16 time<1ms TTL=128
Success rate is 100 percent (1/1), round-trip min/avg/max=0/0/0 ms.

telnet@core#sh arp
No.   IP Address       MAC Address    Type     Age Port           Status
1       0050.569a.1234 Dynamic  0    1/1/14*2/1/16 Valid

telnet@core#sh mac-address 0050.569a.1234  <---- Cisco has the keyword "address", where Brocade does not
Total active entries from all ports = 234
MAC-Address     Port           Type          Index  VLAN
0050.569a.1234  1/1/14*2/1/16  Dynamic       50764  102

As shown above, the device Im looking for is downstream on a lag.  I know this because I configured the lag.  Anyway, almost the same process.

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