Monday, November 23, 2015

Brocade Switch: Why Does My Switch Keep Booting To The Old Firmware?

I ran into this the other night when I was making some topology changes.  I had several switches I wanted to upgrade to the newer 8.X code, and one of them had a statement that caused me to reboot the switch twice instead of just once.  This particular ICX6450 had the statement "boot sys fl sec" in place, meaning to boot up to the secondary code.  However, I did put in the "boot sys fl pri" command to make sure it booted up to the primary one, the one I just upgraded to.  But, I didnt see in the config that the secondary line was before the primary line.  In fact, I just didnt bother to look really.  However, when I went in and saw the below, I took the secondary statement out and all was well.
boot sys fl sec
boot sys fl pri

Switch(config)#no boot sys fl sec

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