Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Pinging A Broadcast Address

One thing I like to do is to find ways that I can use to find information when I need to.  Afterall, in IT, information about networks or devices can be valuable.  So when thoughts cross my mind, sometimes I feel the need the test them out.
Now first, I do realize that I could have easily taken a IP scanner to find this info out. My personal favorite is Angry IP Scanner (not the Java based one).  All I wanted to do was to find the IPs of my Sonos gear at my house.  So I decided to do this the more interesting way.  I did a ping of at home.  My packet capture that I was running, saw the responses from the devices on my network.  Here below is what I found when I did the ping.

You can see the following IPs of my Sonos gear, as proved by the L2 info on the NIC:

Now, most of you wont find that useful.  I, however, will, when it comes to information gathering. 

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