Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Brocade ICX7250: Good Replacement Switches For Access Layer

I've been putting in some Brocade ICX7250 switches recently, which is the new low end enterprise access closet switches Brocade has out now for the ICX series.  These are really worth a look.  Up to 256Gbps switching backplane, up to 190Mpps, 80Gig stacking capability (up to 12 in a stack), SDN capable, with 8 10gig ports.  And cheaper than a ICX6450.  This could act as a core for a small office.  I would not hesitate to do that.  It does L3 and performs well.

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  1. Hi shane, thanks for posting this. I less worked with Brocade network products. I like your post which is comparing cisco and Brocade product.


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