Monday, January 18, 2016

Check Point Firewall: CPInfo Changes

Looks like collecting a CPInfo has changed a little.  It seems to be a little nicer, in that it will upload for you the file you collect.  See below the process I went through when collecting this for TAC:

CP> cpinfo -z -l -o /var/log/cp.cpinfo
Would you like to download the latest CPinfo package from Check Point Download Center? y/n: [y]y


Verifying CK...

An updated package was found, downloading and installing it

Started downloading updated package
Downloading update package cpinfo_914000124_1.tgz - 3758008/3758008 (100%)
Downloaded package verification succeeded
Starting installation of new CPinfo version
CPinfo update finished successfully!
Launching new version of CPinfo

Would you like to upload CPinfo file securely to Check Point Download Center? y/n: [y]y

Verifying CK...

Please provide an SR number:5-1321133444
Invalid SR format
Collecting information...: 100%
Compressing output file... 105%
Compressing output file - done (/var/log/cp.cpinfo.gz)


Initiating connection to User Center: Done.
Generating list of files to be uploaded: Done.
Sending list of files to server:

Uploading CP_15_12_2015_14_39.CPViewDB.dat.gz
Uploading cp.cpinfo.gz0320)
Uploading:   0% (0/56013920)
Please provide an SR number:5-1321133444

                CPinfo Creation...

Collecting information...: 35%

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