Thursday, January 7, 2016

Home Projects: Fogging The Crawlspace To Kill Mold/Mildew

Anyone can kill mildew and mold.  We didnt have much, but I wanted to really clean out underneath that 1935 house.  And to make sure, we found a mold/mildew killer recipe to make sure that all was good underneath in the crawlspace.  So we mixed up the recipe and I rented a fogger and off I went.  Below you can see how this works.  You close up the space and let your fogger run until you are out.  Depending on the size of the space will depend on how much you use.  I used 2.5 gallons total.  I know its safe with nothing growing underneath that I would be concerned about.


  1. Can you share your recipe? I have a 1964 house that has a crawlspace that could benefit from this. How much was the fogger to rent? Just Home Depot?

    1. Yeah, let give me this weekend and Ill get that recipe to you. I wrote it down somewhere.
      The fogger cost me about $26 for a days use from Home Depot. Plus the money for getting the "recipe", which was about $15. That $15 investment would make up to 50 gallons, if I'm not mistaken. Quite a better deal than what you would get from purchasing something made for that. What you make is really the same thing.


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