Wednesday, February 10, 2016

HP/Aruba Switch Comparison With Brocade

HP purchased Aruba on May 19th, 2015.  They seem to have a new switching product line out now since the merger and an engineer from HP came in to talk to me (and a few other engineers) about their switching products, because we sell Aruba wireless.  I wont go into the details, but I was not impressed with that visit.
I don't mind asking hard questions to people.  The more questions I asked, the more I realized how unprepared HP was in this visit.  I guess if you don't have a strong product, its hard to be confident about what you are trying to get people to buy. I'm good with the Aruba wireless, but I'm not good with the Aruba/HP switch line.  So, as I will normally do, I did the investigation myself of their products and what the apples to apples product comparison really is.

HP/Aruba recommends the following:
HP 2920s and 3800s they say are for the IDF (access switches)
HP 5400r acts as a distribution switch or a core switch.

When you spec the 5400r up against its "apples to apples" comparison, it doesnt compare.
The low end 5400r:
forwarding rate of 571.4Mpps
switch fabric speed of 1.015 Bbps

The low end ICX 7750:
forwarding rate of 1.44 Bpps
switch fabric speed of 1.92 Tbps

The Brocade ICX 6650 (this shouldn't be a comparison):
forwarding rate of 1.190 Bpps

I can tell you I wont be presenting HP/Aruba to my customers.


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