Friday, April 22, 2016

Starting Something New

Well folks, this post is right at my 1200th post.  I've put quite a bit of time in on this blog, for sure.  And these next few weeks may be a little slow for me on the blog posting.  I have decided to take an opportunity with another company that solely provides security solutions, of which I'm very excited about.  And as I wind down this week with one employer and get ready to start a the new position at the next, I'm probably going to take a small break from the blog, so that I can get prepared and settled in at the new place.  I do plan on coming back to blogging at some point, I'm just not sure when right now.
Don't be a stranger though.  I can still be reached at the "contact me" on the side of this page.  Ill be back soon.


  1. Shane -

    I read your blog daily and have learned a lot. So to that I Thank You!

    Good luck with your new endeavor!


  2. Good luck at the new gig. I hope you're not gone for too long.

  3. @shane!!! All the very best for your new assignment


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