Friday, August 12, 2016

Brocade VDX6740: Creating A Local Username

At a minimum, you need local security for logging in apart from the regular admin login.  I recommend you at least change the admin password for security.  If you want to create another username, here is how you go about it:

Lets create a user named "skillen":
sw0(config)# username skillen role admin pass 12345678
2016/08/05-20:10:32, [SEC-1180], 10801, SW/0 | Active, INFO, VDX6740, Added account skillen with admin authorization.
2016/08/05-20:10:33, [SEC-3501], 10802, SW/0 | Active, INFO, VDX6740, Role 'admin' is changed.
sw0(config)# exit

Lets show th attributes of the userID of skillen:
sw0# show running-config username skillen
username skillen password "FcW6mugljsWgKERrJHA7RQ==\n" encryption-level 7 role admin

Lets logoff, then log back in with the new username:
sw0 login: skillen
2016/08/05-20:12:34, [SEC-1206], 10805, SW/0 | Active, INFO, sw0, Login information: User [skillen] Last

Successful Login Time : Fri Aug  5 20:12:34 2016
Welcome to the Brocade Network Operating System Software
skillen connected from using console on sw0
sw0# sh users

ID    Username Role     Host IP      Method   Time Logged In       TTY
1     skillen  admin    Cli      2016-08-05 20:12:40  ttyS0
ID      Username
no locked users

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