Thursday, August 11, 2016

Educate Yourself On The 2016 Presidential Candidates

If you really want to know what the presidential candidates stand for, go to their candidate website and look for yourself what they say they stand for. Don't just go on what you hear from other people. Certainly don't go by what you see in the news. Research them for yourselves.  Be honest with yourself and your own beliefs.  Don't just say "I don't like this candidate because..."  Go and research and really take in what they are saying.  Use your own judgement.  Read for yourself.  (Reading is a great gift!)
With that said, I did go to the candidate sites. It is amazing the difference between them.  I have my mind made up by my own research.  I hope you do the same as you prepare to vote.

There are others as well.  You can find the rest of them at the link below:

With this said above, I will not accept any comments on this particular post.  This is just me saying do the research.  I don't want this post to become a battleground of comments and insults like I see below news articles, etc.  It should be assumed that we are all adults and can actually have differences in opinions without a fight.
Furthermore, when you talk about these candidates, speak as if The Lord were standing right beside you.  Would this affect what you say?  Its ok to vote to your beliefs, but be nice.

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