Sunday, August 21, 2016

Just Look Around You

It's hard for me to understand the evolutionist's way of thinking. I could go into so many things disapproving evolution, but that is not what I'm writing about.
"They" talk about the miracle of the existence of man. How everything had to be just right. And just how exponentially is just not possible without that "miracle".
Well what about not only the miracle of man, but also woman? And isn't it odd that these two separate miracles can, with only each other, create the very same things they are?
And what about the trees, that just so happens to take in carbon dioxide (which we exhale) to produce oxygen (which we inhale)? How much even more so exponentially does that raise the miracle of life happening?
And with no transitional fossils around, how about all the species, again male and female only, that live and breathe as we do.
And that this Earth we live on, just so happens to stay within a certain orbit that we can live in without freezing or burning, and produces food for us to eat?
I could do this all day, but my point is that only a Creator could do this. An intentional act. We are not here by chance. More specifically, YOU are not here by chance. YOU ARE here for a reason. You were created by your parents, through the careful care of God's guidance and direction, even if your parents didn't know it.
Be careful to know that the only God of all wants you to know Him. He has a plan for saving you from what was not necessarily taught us from the beginning of our time. He sent Yeshua (Jesus) on a rescue mission for you. The work is already done. Let the Savior and Creator in and live life to the fullest!


  1. evolution is a fact... check the rock record... I get you think the earth is 4000 years old too. how could someone so smart be so dumb

    1. Let's take this one at a time.
      1. Evolution is not a fact, is a theory.
      2. I'm guessing by "rock record", you mean the geologic table? That's not a fact either, proven by petrified trees, etc that go through each "layer". Also, they are actually mixed instead of layered.
      3. It's a little over 6000 years old, not 4000.
      4. Smart or dumb? I'm just somewhere on between.


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