Thursday, September 22, 2016

Brocade Datacenter VDX 6740 Install

I did a Brocade VDX install last week of two 6740s in a small data center. This was to get the initial install in place and get them up and running on the new gear.  Phase II will be to hook into VMWare and connect a few other physical servers in. Currently the SANs and VM environment is in place and the customer said they notice a difference in performance already. I'm very happy to hear that.  Notice below, I have 20 gig to form the VCS fabric (although I added two more for 40 gig after this picture).


  1. Nice job! I´m preparing an installation with 4 VDX 6740 for two separated datacenters at a customer´s. We´ll use an 80 G interconnection for the systems at the same datacenter and 40 G interconnections between the datacenters. I´m really excited to start this project.

  2. thanks for sharing shane. would like to see how things work with VMware.

  3. Love them. I'm going to take care of several VDX puppies and stumbled upon your blog. Love it but... the nylon ties on the photo doesn't looks quite 'kosher' for me better to stay with velcro wraps.

    Had some problems with too tight nylon ties on cooper wires.


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