Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Brocade VDX: Three Important Commands For Verifying The Fabric

You got three good commands for verifying the fabric.  Here they are in action:

Notice the link interfaces in the command below.
VDX1# show fabric trunk

Rbridge-id: 1

Trunk    Src      Source         Nbr        Nbr
Group   Index   Interface       Index   Interface               Nbr-WWN
 1      64      Te 1/0/1        64      Te 2/0/1        10:00:C4:F5:7C:58:F2:3C
 1      65      Te 1/0/2        65      Te 2/0/2        10:00:C4:F5:7C:58:F2:3C
 1      66      Te 1/0/3        66      Te 2/0/3        10:00:C4:F5:7C:58:F2:3C
 1      67      Te 1/0/4        67      Te 2/0/4        10:00:C4:F5:7C:58:F2:3C

Notice the bandwidth and the primary interface of the ISL link.
VDX1# show fabric isl

Rbridge-id: 1   #ISLs: 1

 Src       Src           Nbr       Nbr
Index   Interface       Index   Interface               Nbr-WWN           BW   Trunk  Nbr-Name
64      Te 1/0/1         64     Te 2/0/1        10:00:C4:F5:7C:58:F2:3C   40G   Yes   "VDX2"

Notice the mode we are operating in, along with the VDX MACs, IPs, and status.
VDX1# sh vcs
Config Mode    : Distributed
VCS Mode       : Logical Chassis
VCS ID         : 10
VCS GUID       : 4e569830-733a-4025-b1a4-08f325ed51a6
Total Number of Nodes           : 2
Rbridge-Id       WWN                            Management IP   VCS Status       Fabric Status        HostName
1               >10:00:C4:F5:7C:48:60:58*   Online           Online               VDX1
2                10:00:C4:F5:7C:58:F2:3C   Online           Online               VDX2

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