Thursday, October 27, 2016

Brocade ICX7250: Licensing The 8 Ports Of 10Gig

Just a note about the licensing for the 8 ports of 10Gig on the ICX7250.  I had a partner ask me if we took off the BOM (Bill Of Materials) the 2x10G of the part number ICX7250-48-2X10G, and added the 8 port 10Gig license (ICX7250-8X10G-LIC-POD), then that would save the customer money.  However, that is not the case.  IF you want to license all 8 ports for 10Gig, then you must have the 2x10G added onto the part number of the switch.  Lets look at the description more closely:

For part number ICX7250-48-2X10G:
Description:  48-port 1 GbE switch bundle with 2x1GbE/10GbE + 6x1GbE SFP+ (upgradeable to 10GbE) uplink/stacking ports upgrade

Now, you add this for the other 6 ports for 10Gig:
Part number:  ICX7250-8X10G-LIC-POD
Description:  ICX7250 upgrade from 2X1/10GE + 6X1GE uplink/stacking ports to 8X1/10GE uplink/stacking ports. This can only be applied to an ICX7250 that already has a 2X10G license applied.

Notice that keyword "to" (highlighted).  You must have the 2x10G before you can apply the 8x10G license.  That really should say 6x10G, and can be a little confusing.  I hope this clears up any confusion.

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