Thursday, October 20, 2016

Brocade MLX/CER: MPLS Config From The ISP Perspective

I had a workmate tell me that most people who know "MPLS" know it from the client perspective.  At first, I didnt know what he meant, because I knew MPLS from the client perspective.  He told me configuring MPLS to a lot of people was from the client side.  Now that I have done it from the ISP perspective, I know what he is talking about.  I remember doing MPLS as far as putting an IP address on an ethernet interface of a L3 device, adding a route in and letting it roll.  However, from the ISP perspective, there is a big difference.
Below, I setup MPLS up from the ISP perspective.  It was a learning experience for me, and Im glad I was able to learn from this guy.  Also, I put BGP in this config.  Also, this is just one side of the core of the ISP network.  I did not add in the other side in the below config.  This was an additional backbone core to a lab setup.

vlan 32 name to-MAIN-MLXe 
 tagged ethe 1/1 to 1/2  
router-interface ve 32

interface ve 32 
ip ospf area 0 
ip address

interface loopback 1
 ip ospf area 0
 ip address

router bgp
 local-as 65024
 neighbor remote-as 65024
 neighbor next-hop-self
 neighbor update-source loopback 1
 neighbor soft-reconfiguration inbound

address-family vpnv4 unicast
 neighbor activate 
 neighbor send-community both

router mpls
mpls-interface ve32
lsp to-MAIN-MLX

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