Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Home Projects: A Proud Feeling...

As I write this blog, I'm usually a few days ahead of the actual day a post goes up. Not always, just usually. However, this one is just a couple hours past real time (at 12:59 AM).  At the end of the story of that 1935 house that my wife and I are redoing, there is a young couple that resides as "first time home owners". My daughter and son-in-law, to be exact. They now live there and we are almost complete with the renovation. There are a few small things, but nothing keeping anyone from living in it.
I walked into one of the bedrooms and sit down to do some math calculations for hanging a curtain rod (yeah, I like exactness). As I sat there with pen in hand (no calculator), I looked around the room that looked so different than the many times I had worked in it. It actually had things in it and looked like someone lived there. What you see below was the view I had while sitting there thinking these things, but I felt really proud of my wife and I for getting though this reno.  I thought, as some men do, that we did this with our own two hands, and this was a tough one.  And it is a home that my daughter really likes being in. For a dad that did a good bit of the work, that's a proud moment.


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