Saturday, October 22, 2016

Ron Pope Concert, With Guests Rob Baird And Truett

So we paid $17 a ticket to go see this concert.  I had heard one song from this guy named Ron Pope, who I had never heard of before apart from this one song off of YouTube.  My wife played it for me, and it is called Perfect For Me.  Its a really sweet song.
So we got there a few minutes late, and didn't really figure we missed much.  A group called Truett was playing.  We walked in to about 70 to 80 people in the audience.  My first thought was that this was going to be terrible.  No one was here.
The opener, Truett, was actually pretty good.   I did like all of their music and I would go see them again.  After they played, I met the drummer and bass player in the band.  Very nice guys.  The drummer has a good handshake, of which I can appreciate.
Rob Baird and his band was good.  Very country, which I can appreciate.  This guy was personable in concert and I thought they played very well as well.  I was not disappointed.
Then Rob Pope and his band played.  This was "a whole nother level".  I expected to like the one song I listed above, but I really liked everything this guy played.  As my wife said, "Its not every day you come up on a real musician like this."  I agree with her.  They were great.  Two hours just wasn't enough of this guy's music.
It reminded me of the early days of Needtobreathe.  When we first started seeing them, the crowds were small and they were very much the musicians that they are, without the "entertainment thing" that so many groups that "make it" do.  I personally like the small crowd vibe, and although I really like Needtobreathe, for me, the concerts have gone to the level of entertainment.  I guess that's the goal for most, and I'm glad they "made it" in the music business.  I just prefer the small crowd thing.
Back to Ron Pope now.  My thought during this concert was that I was really glad I came to see this guy and hear his music.  It was exactly what I like to see.  REAL musicians in small setting.
One more comparison.  My wife and I went to see Gun and Roses not long ago in Atlanta.  For me, Slash was the show, and was really good.  However, I'd rather go see Ron Pope again than Guns and Roses.  That should tell you how good Ron Pope was.

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