Thursday, November 17, 2016

Brocade ICX7150: Stats To Know

Brocade has come out with a low end switch (even lower than the 7250).  Its called the ICX7150, and its essentially a very cheap (in price) enterprise switch and performs about the same as the Cisco 3850s and 3650s.  The 48 port 7150 has a forwarding rate of 134 Mpps and a switching backplane of 180 Gbps.  Considering the Cisco 3850s forwarding rate for the 48P is 130.95 Mpps and the backplane comes in at 176 Gbps, even this very low end Brocade model still outperforms the Cisco 3850.
These 7150s go in the access closet.  Considering the 7250s are already cheap in price, and the 7150s are even cheaper, this is going to be interesting...
You can find the datasheet here.

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