Monday, November 14, 2016

Brocade VDX: Four Technical Benefits To Be Aware Of

I really like the VDX products for the data center.  They have some really good benefits that I thought I would explain in a post.  You should know why one product is better than another, apart from cost.  What is the technology actually doing that makes a difference?  Here are the ones I'm aware of for the VDX line.
1.  There is not ARP age out waiting times when a VM server moves from one host to another.  Meaning that when a VM moves from one VDX to another, the ARP entry is changed appropriately at the same time.  This causes NO blip or downtime in waiting on the ARP entry to age out, like you would normally see.  It happens immediately, and no traffic is lost.  Its able to keep up with where the VM servers are.
2.  When you create a VLAN on the VDX, it is automatically created in the VSwitch as well.  This saves you from having you and the server guy doing the work.  Now its just you doing it.
3.  The packet buffers are truly "deep".  24 Meg deep.  This means no dropped packets on heavily utilized gear.  Competitors are nowhere near this much.
4.  When it comes to the ISL links from one VDX to another, the data throughput is truly load balanced across each link.  If you have three links, and 40% utilization, then all three links have 40% across them.  Other vendors are not doing this.  Streams get divided up instead of the packets, meaning in the three links I just mentioned, you may have 80%, 20%, and 35% on the bonded link.  This method is not as effective for performance, whereas the Brocade way is.
5.  Cheaper in price that competitors for what you are getting in the data center.  Plain and simple.

Look into the VDX line.  Its a great data center solution.

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