Monday, November 7, 2016

Some Thoughts About The Broadcom/Brocade Buyout...

Ok. Now that we are after the initial shock of this event of the "acquisition", here are some thoughts:
The product:
1. The ICX product line has not changed.
2. The dependability has not changed.
3. The performance/features have not changed.
The business look:
4. The IP product line is profitable. This is a good thing. Someone will want that profitability.
5. There are a ton of Brocade customers in the world. Someone will want those customers.
6. I'm sure there are contracts that are in place that have to be honored, such as warranty, support, etc.
7. Someone will want this side of the business. I can think of several "good fits" that could break into that business and integrate into their product line. I have zero insight into this, just like you. I only speculate.

If you are a Brocade customer, don't panic. Just wait and let's see what happens. It's not panic time at this point.

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  1. Interesting times Shane. Found this Computerworld article...


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