Saturday, January 28, 2017

Sunday Thought: God, Seeker Of The Soul...

A Sunday Thought, on Saturday...
Have you ever given thought to your soul?  That "inner man" that only you know.  The thoughts that do not express themselves outwardly into the world.  The desires within.  The emotions.  All of the things within a man, not exposed to the world unless you allow them to be.
It would certainly be hard for me to recognize you if you did not have a physical body.  I mean, I know you by your face.  Your voice.  If we were in a dark room, and I could not see you, I would not know it was you in the room.  I might "sense" someone in the room, but I would not know that it was actually "you".
Have you ever thought about the fact that God knows our soul?  He knows "that" that is within us.  He calls to it, if we really listen.  And when He speaks to us, we always say "we just know".  Because we "know" He spoke to the inner man of us.  Even those nudges, internally, when the Holy Spirit guides us is always in "internal communication".  Yes, there are times when God has spoken directly, externally, to people.  But for me, its always been internal.  But if you were to take off this physical body, and just be left with your soul exposed, God would recognize you still.  I would even go as far as to say that your soul IS how God recognizes you.  After all, that IS what He speaks to when He communicates to us.
Think about that for a moment.  IF what I'm saying is true, then God really is a "soul seeker".  God has never visited me in the flesh (that I'm aware of).  But He has spoken to the internal part of me.  So I have to conclude that God is the seeker of the soul.  The "lover of my soul", if you will.
And just as we seek relationships down here on the Earth through physical means (by talking to others and physically being around other people), God seeks "that" that is within us.  The soul, to have relationship with us.
Let us take the time to have a relationship with Him, through the soul.

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