Monday, February 6, 2017

Just Putting It On Your Resume

It's very interesting what people say that they can do on their resumes. I have been interviewing candidates for a couple of senior network engineer positions, and it's been interesting. My thought is this: if you put it on your resume, I'm going to ask you about it. And I don't mean "Have you ever worked with this product?"
My thought is, if you put down firewalls as something you are experienced with, I'm going to ask you how ACLs work. I'm going to ask you how NAT works. I'm going to ask you how VPNs work. You get my point.
If you put it on your resume, it's fair game to ask about it. Make sure you want to put it on, because I'm going to ask.


  1. Right-on Shane!! I could not agree with you more...back when I was part of the interview process I would always ask questions based on their resume!! It was eye opening at times!

    1. Yep. Tons of people put Cisco nexus on their resume, but can't tell you what a vPC domain is. "Eye opening" for sure.


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