Friday, February 10, 2017

The Sales People...

I'm sure they are probably mad. After all, it didn't go the way they expected...
Have you ever been on a sales call, and you, being technical, just wanted some real answers?  This call started off with this presales engineer telling us all about his credentials. He named all sorts of things, including finishing up his CISSP and two classes away from having a "masters in security".  His background sounded really impressive.  At least until I started questioning their product.  Something that he claimed had been out for 15 years.
If you recall, I mentioned before that if you put something on your resume, I'm probably going to ask you some technical questions about it. That seems fair to me. Same goes for if you are trying to sell me something. If you come trying to sell, don't be surprised if I nail you with technical questions about your product.
So in this call, I simply started asking some questions that I wanted to understand. DDoS was the topic. I won't go into all the details, but several times I heard nothing but crickets, as I waited for an answer. Honestly, the product was weak. And after asking the hard questions, it became very obvious. It just stunned me that after asking some technical questions about their product to a guy who bragged about almost having his "masters in security", that he couldn't tell me how his product could determine "good traffic from the bad traffic". I mean, IPS was the simple answer. Along with "we filter the bad and send you the good".  I understand IPS, and if you are selling me an IPS product, you should too. And when you come at me with reasons why "I wouldn't want them to make the decision to scrub the traffic themselves", when that is actually what the product is supposed to do and what they are selling, don't be surprised if I pass on the "opportunity". I mean, you are the ISP. You see the traffic before I do, the customer. You are telling me you can't make the decision to scrub the bad traffic, a DDoS attack, before I tell you to do so? And then you can't tell me how that works? And I'm paying you for this? I'm going to go with a "no thanks" for sure.
If you try to sell me something that is big dollars monthly, you need to understand how your product works and it needs to make sense before I'm going to buy it. Real simple folks.


  1. Preach it brother!!! And I totally agree...there are a lot of companies out there selling high-tech snake oil, and it's our job to weed them out. What really gripes me though, is when they bypass me and go straight to upper ends up taking a lot of my time to educate and undo the "damage".


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