Monday, March 20, 2017

Your Personal Info That You Have At The Company

I've been posting on Linkedin things to consider when it comes to security. If you have an accounting department, you need a security vulnerability assessment done and mitigation to completion to keep your company information safe. There are a lot of IT staff that believe they just don't need an assessment done. My question to you: "When you hired in to the company, did you give them your social security number?" Did you give them any other information you don't want a hacker/criminal to have? If you did (and you did to be employed there), you want that data protected. This should be the minimum question to ask yourself for you to realize you need an assessment and mitigation done. You wouldn't just hand over your drivers license or birth certificate over to someone you didn't know, would you? Well, you did at least one of those things when you hired in to the company. And I'm sure you want the company to be responsible with your data. Visit my company web site at and reach out to me there or from this blog.
~~ Shane

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