Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Ole '35 House...

A few days ago, I posted about trying to fix my HVAC and that basement smell that was coming through the unit. And an unintended consequence of that fix was better efficiency of the unit, based on what we used to like the temperature at, as opposed to what we like it at now. So I decided to go over to the '35 house that we redid and look at that unit.
My son-in-law an I crawled under the house (something I'm generally opposed to) and looked at the intake of the unit.  And sure enough, something very similar. There were places in the intake where crawl space air was entering into the unit. They were not experiencing the same smell as I did, but I'm wondering more about the efficiency of the unit now.
So we put hvac tape everywhere there was an intake opening that did not belong, and now I'm just waiting to hear back from my son-in-law on if the is any difference.
After my experience, I would highly recommend you check out your own unit. I don't mean get someone to do it. I mean YOU do it. I've had hired hands come and look and never mention this, or fix that basement smell. I just don't think they are as interested as you are in your unit efficiency.

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