Friday, July 7, 2017


Hey guys. I hope all is well with you. I wanted to take some time to give you an update on how things are going here.
First, I have to say I have missed regularly posting on this blog. It's something that crosses my mind often as something I "need to go do", but time has just not permitted. I've put a lot of effort in the past into this site, and I have to say I've missed doing so recently. So when you see me put up things that are not technical recently, it's really just to get something up here as a thought, etc.
At this point, I'm taking a CISSP class once a week, for three hours each night. I thought this would keep me on track in my studying, but the truth is that it hasn't. The reality is that it's just made me feel like I need more time. The problem is that life gets in the way of studying. I've realized that as being a middle aged, responsible person, there are just the things you "have" to do in life over the things you "need" or "want" to do. Honestly, making a living, getting things fixed, spending time with your loved ones, etc, is just more important than studying. And the reality is that there are only a certain amount of hours in the day. I'll get the studying done at some point, but with White Rhino and the rest of life going on, I'll just have to pace it as I can.  It's going to happen, just in the time I can make it happen. I've noticed that as I was younger and trying to get certifications, it was much easier to do. Either that, or I didn't prioritize life's problems, challenges, etc correctly. I've just noticed that now, it takes me a little longer to obtain these certification goals. Either way, I'm not sad about it, and if you are reading this and have felt the same way, don't you feel bad either. Life is more than certifications.
I've noticed a few things, especially listening to the people that teach this CISSP class. These people get up and talk about themselves in an intro. And it sounds impressive, I must say. But there are some realities I've noticed. First, either they know everything about the subject matter they are talking about, but they lack in many other areas in life. Meaning, if their car broke down, they wouldn't know how to fix it. But they sure can do this security thing or that without problem. But again, don't ask them how to fix a plumbing leak or change the air filter in the HVAC. They won't know. I'm not saying this is bad, they just aren't "well rounded". You have to decide which you prefer in life, and no answer is wrong, just different than the next guys decision.  For me, when people depend on me in life, I'd rather be "well rounded" in my knowledge. That's just me.
I've also noticed that as I probe the people teaching this class (and other technical people), when I dive deeper into a topic, they may not actually know the answers. For instance, a guy talked about building generators in the CISSP class. When I asked him a specific question about how it worked, he didn't really know. He just knew the basic that it kept the power on. Not a big deal to me, as he probably knew how to change a flat tire on his car. Which I respect.  My observation and point here is that everyone has knowledge in something, but may not actually know everything. People tend to hide that from other people. No big deal, just remember that as you talk to people. They may act like they know everything, but they don't.
I've rambled on long enough about the CISSP. I'll get it like I did the SSCP recently, just in MY time.
Now, some recent things: I cut the end off my finger off. No big deal, it's healing nicely. I thought it would be noticeable when it was done healing, but it looks like you won't be able to notice either at all or much. It still probably needs a few more weeks to heal, and I think it will be fine. I did this fixing a toilet of all things. One small note on this: funny how super glue can stop bleeding. Next, I've had to learn about some hvac stuff. Fixing some leaks in the duct system. Not fun, but something that I've had to get into recently to fix a problem I've had. Also, maintaining the cars.  Just something you have to do when you are responsible for the vehicles. I actually love working on cars. I could name many other things going on, but you get the point. That's why studying is just not the number one priority right now.
Now, let's get to the most important thing going on. Read your Bible. That's where real knowledge and wisdom is at. Not certification wisdom or changing the oil in your car wisdom. Life wisdom. God (YHWH) doesn't lie to you. He created this life, and He knows how you should live it. And if you don't recognize that name in parenthesis, look it up. The God of the Bible actually tells us His name. Do the research, you will be glad you did.


  1. People tend to hide that from other people !! you are right here. Shane...good luck for CISSP.

  2. Hi Shane! Great post, and well timed with some stuff I'm going through. I'm working on some certs right now, and I've noticed (and been a bit discouraged) to see that as I'm older now, it's harder to stay focused on studying. I love studying, so it's not that its hard work, but rather (as you said) there are more interruptions that occur. Life is just more busy...spending time with my wife and grandkids, fixing things on the house, etc. Ugh. But, like you, I will get it done...just not near as fast as I used to be able to do. Thanks!!

  3. Thanks Brad. I'm encouraged by what you've said as well. Thank you. Honestly though, I'm OK with all of the interruptions. I think we call it responsibility.


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