Friday, September 8, 2017


As my wife and I go along on this road trip, she told me that California may be the most beautiful place she has ever seen. She said this as we were driving down Hwy 1 through Big Sur.  As I think back across everywhere we have been so far in CA, she may be right about it.


  1. As a native and (nearly) lifelong resident, I'm clearly biased - and I've also seen <1% of the world or even the US so my opinion may ultimately mean very little - but for the sheer variety and diversity of landscapes and geography, California is arguably second to none. Beaches, mountains, deserts, surfing, skiing, camping, lakes, rivers, mountain ranges with the highest summits in the continental US, arguably a few of the finest metropolitan areas in the country... it's just about got it all. The biggest drawback, as always, is cost. It's bloody expensive to live here.

    1. Yeah, it's definitely pretty cool here. My wife and I are in Eureka, CA right this moment. About to head out again to where we dont have cell reception.

  2. She is right!!! And Shane, you are in my neck of the woods!!! Hope you and your wife have a GREAT vacation!!


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