Monday, September 25, 2017

Types Of Learners

Have you ever considered how you learn things the best? Recently, I have. I've tried to give some real consideration to why I get distracted so easily when studying for a particular certification. You see, I'm an auditory learner. For whatever reason, it's just how God made me.  So when I hear noises around me, I've found I get distracted from actually studying. It turns out that I need silence to best accomplish my studying. And even more odd, when I study, I need to actually speak it out and hear myself say it. I've done this in the past, and can recognize that this IS actually correct for me.
I would encourage you to figure out your learning style. Just in life in general, it's probably a good idea to know about yourself. God made everyone of us carefully and specifically. We should probably look at ourselves and how we were made in order to become what we are supposed to be in this life.
Go try this test out and see what your learning style is: Learning style

When I look up what kind of learning tips are best for me, this is the sort of thing that comes up, which I can verify is true:

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