Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Cisco Data Center: 9372 vs 93180

I was getting together a list of equipment for a co-location site yesterday, when I realized that the Cisco Nexus 9372 was end of sale last month. So I found the replacement 93180. It appears that the only real difference in the two are the hardware ASICs, from what I read.  And that would be to support certain features.
It also appears that the performance specs are better, but only because the 6 40gig ports also support 100gig. I'll have to go do the math to see if this is a line rate switch or not. The 9372 is, so I suspect the 93180 is also. I'll check on that to make sure.


  1. It's line rate. Switching capacity is 3.6 Terabits per second.

  2. No problem. I deployed a couple in vPC providing network for a scale-out storage platform and they run like champs.


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