Monday, April 23, 2018

Network Mentoring With White Rhino Security

Hi all. I hope all is well with you.  One of the things I am offering through White Rhino is network mentoring.  I realize and have seen that when your team members need training, you have to send them off to a class. And then, it's usually generic in detail. Not to mention, you have to pay for travel for each member that goes. That's a flight for each one, plus hotel, food, and rental car plus gas.
What I'm offering is to come to your environment. To come mentor you (or your team), in your network. So that you can support your network environment. So that you can learn how to support what your company has.
What you also get with this is a network assessment (without the report). Because we will be looking at every aspect of your network environment, we will also be looking at the same things I would do on an assessment. And you will learn what to do to correctly fix problems, because I will show you. You will get "hands on" on your network.
Even better, it doesn't matter how many people you have there in the mentoring season. It can be one on one, or you can have as many people there as you like. It all costs the same.
So think about this offering over sending your team to a training class. The benefits to this:
1.  I come to you.
2.  I mentor your team, on your network.
3.  They learn how to be a good network guy/girl in your company environment.
4.  We comb through your network and fix problems as we see them, in your company environment. So they both "learn" and "do".
5.  Even though you pay for me, you save money still by having your team stay on-site.
6.  It costs less than sending your team to a training class, because I don't charge more for you having more people wanting to learn. It costs the same no matter how many people you have.
7.  Your team stays on-site, in case you have problems that require their attention. They still get to attend to those problems and come right back to the mentoring sessions. They don't miss much, and I'll circle back around and discuss what they missed when appropriate.
8.  The price of this mentoring offering is cheap compared to sending your team to a training class.
9.  It's hands on, on your network. That's better than a lab environment.

So give some thought to this. I like to mentor people. And if you or your team wants to learn, I'd be glad to come and help. Contact me at this email address, and we can get started.

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