Friday, May 4, 2018

Palo Alto Firewall: Upgrade From 7.1.x To 8.0.9 On HA Pair

Well, what should have been an easy upgrade turned ugly on me today. I've upgraded many Palo Altos is my career. What a great product. But today, I spent three hours working through a Palo that wouldn't boot up after the upgrade to 7.1.17. Thankfully, it was an HA pair and the customer didn't experience any real downtime.
After a factory reset, getting to the same software version and importing the config back in, we were back to its original state again. So with a download of the base 8.0 software and a download and install of 8.0.9 on both units, all is good.


  1. Did you upgrade to the base 8.0.0 prior the first time?

    1. No, just download it. Don't upgrade to it.


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