Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Home Projects: Kitchen Shelves

Here where I live, you seem to have to do a lot of things yourself. Now, I don't mind that.
However, we did have this one contractor that had put up some shelves in the kitchen. They looked nice, but the kitchen wall did not. So we took those shelves down and tiled the wall.

So now, I want the kitchen shelves back up. You see above that I had to take them down to get the tile in place. The wall looks good, but needs the shelves back up. So I asked the contractor if he would put them back up for me, since he knew how to anchor them properly. These are big, thick pieces of wood and are very heavy. Here is how that conversation went (me in black, contractor in white):

I probably shouldn't have texted him at 1:19am, but I wanted him to know that I knew better than to believe him. 
So I'll put the more up and will call it done. By the way, I didn't "screw through the tile". That would be ridiculous. I drilled a hole with a diamond tip bit and ran the screw through that hole. How did I know where the hole would go on the tile? Toothpaste. 

Finished product (minus some cleaning up).

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